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The wirewound resistors you have been provided with are covered by ceramic and cement to help dissipate heat in order to prevent injury or damage to circuits. To make it usable for the challenge you will need to remove this coating. You can do this easily with a hammer, vice, or vice grips.

When using vice grips:

  • Adjust the opening of the vice to be about 3mm or so smaller then the diameter of the resistor.

  • Place the resistor in the mouth of the grips, we find the angle shown in the picture to be most effective, but your mileage my vary.

  • Slowly apply pressure until the ceramic shell cracks. If needed, try multiple angles or close the mouth of the grips further.

  • Peel off the ceramic and chip off the cement with either a nail or screwdriver. Be careful as it is possible to break the wire itself, which will render the component useless.
  • That's it, you should be ready to go. Be extremely careful with the uncovered resistor, as it will become very hot (enough to burn you) when you run the rated amount of current through it.

A before and after photo:


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